A UV-sensitive wide-field optical camera for Keck

The world’s most sensitive wide-field optical imager for the foreseeable future

The Keck Wide-Field Imager (KWFI) is a proposed prime focus camera mounted on the Keck telescope. With up to ~1 deg diameter field of view, KWFI will be sensitive to wavelengths from 3000 – 10000A and optimized for high throughput in the UV to exploit the advantages of the Maunakea site.

The game-changing depths and blue sensitivity of KWFI will provide the Keck community the capability to resolve several long-standing problems, including areas of high-impact science discovery. KWFI will provide deep, wifde-field optical imaging to complement existing ground- and space-based facilities and upcoming and proposed instruments and facilities, such as FOBOS, PFS, MSE, Roman, Euclid, and UVEX, and is necessary to detect important faint and rare targets for JWST and TMT.

KWFI is a collaboration of the following institutions: